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The 1847 NYC Story

Imagine a world where heritage and innovation collide. That's the essence of 1847 NYC, a brand born in 2024 with a soul steeped in the rich history of New York City. While our name whispers of a bygone era, our spirit is as vibrant and modern as the skyline itself.

We craft premium shirts, perfumes, and bags that are more than just accessories – they're statements. Each piece is meticulously designed to elevate your everyday, blending classic silhouettes with contemporary twists.

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1847 NYC: Timeless Style, Modern Spirit

Our shirts are woven from the finest fabrics, boasting impeccable tailoring that flatters every form. Our perfumes are olfactory masterpieces, blending timeless notes with unexpected touches that leave a lasting impression. And our bags? They're the perfect companions for the urban explorer, carrying your essentials with effortless style.

At 1847 NYC, we believe in the power of quality. We source the best materials, collaborate with the finest artisans, and pour our hearts into every detail. This unwavering dedication ensures that you receive a product that exceeds expectations, every single time.

So, join us on this journey where old and new dance to create something truly exceptional. Discover 1847 NYC – where timeless style meets modern spirit.

Dive deeper into the world of 1847 NYC:


  • Tailored to perfection: Our shirts boast expert craftsmanship with clean lines and flattering cuts for a timeless silhouette that transcends trends.

  • Unparalleled fabrics: We source the finest materials, from crisp Egyptian cotton to luxurious Italian silks, ensuring exceptional comfort and durability.

  • Elevated details: Subtle design elements like bespoke buttons, hand-stitched pockets, and hidden messages add a touch of intrigue and personality.


  • Olfactory journeys: Immerse yourself in unique blends that tell stories, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting memory wherever you go.

  • Unexpected combinations: We challenge convention by marrying classic notes with unexpected twists, like citrus with leather or spice with floral.

  • Sustainable sourcing: We use ethically-sourced ingredients and eco-conscious practices, ensuring you feel good about what you wear.


  • Functional artistry: Our bags blend form and function seamlessly, offering ample space for your essentials without compromising on style.

  • Timeless designs: Invest in pieces that transcend seasons and trends, becoming cherished companions for years to come.

  • Crafted with care: From the finest leathers and canvas to durable hardware, every detail is meticulously chosen for lasting beauty and functionality.

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