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Wearing Grey Wool Jacket

Jesse Neimus

Assistant Manager

Jesse Neimus channels their passion for fashion into their role at 1847 NYC, making excellent use of their exceptional eye for design. Their advice on trends, styling and more is invariably on target.

Drew Carlyle

Head Buyer

A dedicated Head Buyer, Drew Carlyle has spent their career helping thousands of people love what they wear. You can always count on them to make themselves available to answer your questions.

Portrait of a Woman
Casual Portrait

Taylor Quill

Expert Tailor

At 1847 NYC, each of our staff members is trained to give you the greatest shopping experience ever. Taylor Quill is our highly regarded Expert Tailor and is happy to answer all your questions and assist you.

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"We're always seeking talented and driven individuals in the apparel industry. Passionate about clothing? Share your unique story and career goals through Contact Us."

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